Serpentine Font – Behind the Scenes


Year ago I spotted the most amazing font ever.  Many folks have that one font that just blows us away and makes our hearts race faster.  I like to call it an “unrequited font”.  

Creating Serpentine was my chance to get a little closer to my own “unrequited font” and push myself to create something useful.

I spent a lot of time researching and sketching, trying to shape my letterforms and get the mechanics right.  On hindsight, I’m sure this font could take more work and go further than it did by the conclusion of this project, but it didn’t turn out too badly, and I’m proud of the result regardless. 

Shaping the “s” and the “g” were the biggest challenges for me during the design phase, but in the end, I managed to complete them and create my font file.

I hope you’ll enjoy this font if you choose to download it, and that it will help in some small way on a project or some work you’re creating.  Enjoy!

By Dana Ferreira