21T2/ Design Salad Team

A new trimester and a new team.  

During 2021’s second trimester we saw Dana, Linda, Sukma, Alice, and Nikki taking over the Font Depository project from the previous team, and there have been a lot of changes.

Firstly, our website name was changed from “Font Depository” to “Font Vault” and so new branding was required.  As we transitioned we left some of the first team’s work firmly in place, allowing a blending across both teams and combining the great work that both teams have done so far.

Our new logo was designed by the talented Nikki, and she worked hard on our printed materials as well.  We saw a continuation of our Instagram with Linda overseeing our page, and we also welcomed the introduction of our Facebook page, run by Alice. Linda was my trusted Co-Lead and she helped to keep the crazy at bay throughout the many weeks of organizing and designing.

We had a lot to do, creating content for the site and socials, as well as keeping up with the other moving parts that make a project like this work.  Looking back we are all so proud of how far this project has come.

Many changes took place on the website with the help of Sukma, and he helped us to transition into our new look tirelessly.

It’s been a pleasure working with this special team, creating a space where Design students can showcase their fonts and gain much-needed exposure.  

Dana Ferreira,  Team Lead