Our Story

SAE Creative Institute Sydney prides itself on the wonderful work our graphic design students create during their time studying with us.

During their second year studying, SAE Sydney issues a Font Brief – a fun and popular project that gives students an opportunity to flex their design skills and further explore the art of typography and font design in depth.

Each student begins the project by creating their own brief and then, through sketches and rough concepts in pencil and paper, they build on and refine their ideas. With the help of peer and learning facilitator feedback they finalise their ideas, then they are ready to digitally produce their unique fonts using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and the fantastic Illustrator plug-in, Fontself.

A LOT of time and energy goes into the creation of their unique fonts, and that is why, we are so proud to showcase these original works and give our students the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

This site is dedicated to showcasing these fonts and making them available to the world.

Hello World!

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