Love Diary Font – Behind the Scenes


Hey! I’m Linda. I’ve been doing hand calligraphy since high school and I loved adding it to all the handmade cards I’d make for my mates’ birthdays, so of course, I was exhilarated to know I’d actually be able to digitalize a font style that I love for a school project.

For my font I’ve decided to give it a classy but almost nostalgic name, ‘Love Diary’, I took most of my inspiration from traditional scriptwriting and meshed it with the alphabet that I designed myself back in high school. Every letter has been hand-drawn and tweaked by myself on my iPad before being transferred into Illustrator. It’s a little odd knowing that I’m actually digitizing a font of my own (the thought never crossed my mind) but it was so exciting and fun.

I hope that this font will bring someone as much joy as it did for me while producing it!

By Linda Tran